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What does Foonstudio Inc. Australia do?

Foonstudio Inc. is an emerging Australian and International Web Design, Animation , Graphics, Mobile Development and Digital Marketing company. We want to establish our brand globally as the ‘go to’ company for Web Design, Development, Video Animation, Digital Marketing, Graphics and Mobile Development.

Why are your prices so much more affordable than other web design companies?

Our prices are much more affordable due to having numerous partners across the world that specialise in different areas. Whilst other companies charge excessive markups we do not. We have the right team available around the clock to ensure you are happy with your project.

Is there a limit to the number of pages my website can have?

No. However, as a basic rule, depending on the web language used and the number of pages involved the cost increases.

Can I choose the colour of my website?

Yes, this is completely left up to you. Every aspect of the website can be customised to your liking, including the colours. Just let us know what colours you’d like used.

What will my website address be?

Your web address is commonly “yourbusiness.com.au”. For example, if your business is called “Bob’s Landscaping” then you could have a web address of bobslandscaping.com.au. Alternatively, you could have landscapingbob.com.au. It is your choice.

How soon will my website be available?

We aim to have all websites completed within 4-6 weeks from the point in time you initially contact us. If you have a certain launch date in mind, please let our team know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Who owns my website and domain name?

You do. The website and your domain name are your property and can be taken with you if you ever choose to move to a different host.

How do I get my photos on my website?

Photos, Videos and other media can be uploaded through the Content Management System in which you have access to once the site is fully complete.

How do I update or change things on my website?

Anyone with just the most basic of computer skills will be able to do it through the Content Management System (CMS) that you can access after your website is created.

Can I update my website on my own?

Yes. We build websites depending on your requirement with simple to manage Content Management Systems in which you login once the website is complete so you can manage and update your site as required.

Payment Methods?

When we commence work, we believe in fairness. We require a 50% upfront cost to cover us in case you choose to terminate for whatever reason. From then on, once the project is finished the remaining 50% is paid. Methods of payment include Paypal, Bank Transfer and Visa and Mastercard.

Can I get a work email address?

Yes. Once you get a domain, we can help with customisation of emails and other requirements.

I currently own my own domain name. Can I use it with your service?

Yes. Having a domain just simply means you have a name. That name needs to be hosted somewhere alongside its content. This is where we can help you including switching Nameservers and other requirements

My business does not have a logo. Can you create one for me?

Yes. We can create logos, Graphics and other animation requirements to suit your business goals.

Will my website appear on Search Engines such as Google?

Yes. When we build your site we customise your Content Management System so you can define your own meta data, page titles, addresses and other SEO keyword elements. SEO works by extracting these elements along with a variety of other features to determine your search engine ranking.

Do you create custom web designs?

We custom create web Designs according to the requirements of the clients project.

Where will my website be hosted?

Depending on your requirements, we may advise you some selected hosts that may power your site.